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The baldness : principle

Baldness reached 66% of adult men. It is a hereditary phenomenon that is progressive with early falls phases from 20 years old, a secondary stabilizing often between 30 and 45 years old with a further fall around the fifties and then a final stabilization.
If we want to put an end to baldness, it is usually necessary to associate a medical treatment for stopping hair loss with a surgical treatment for filling the alopecic areas.

The baldness : intervention

Various techniques can be suggested, but in recent years, the hair micro-transplant took precedence over all other techniques. It is to take from long-haired areas, usually the occipital region, a strip of scalp where hair is healthy and dense, which is cut again in micro transplanted that will bring each of 2 to 5 hair.

These micro transplanted are replanted in the alopecic area by small puncture points. There will be no residual scar in the sampled area. It is closed with very fine staples that preserve very well the area of hair bulbs, these staples is removed on the eighth day. Several implantation techniques of micro-transplant are used following the instructions:
Either small “punch”
Or very small" micro punch”
Either capillary

Thus, the scalp’s anterior line remains natural. The aspect of human hair doll should no longer be seen. There must be scheduled three average baldness meeting. Meetings last about 4 hours and require ½ day stay in the clinic.

Local anaesthesia is achieved (no need to be fasting). The patient lies quarter of an hour on his stomach to remove the strips and then the re-implantation begins. The patient leaves the clinic with dressing and can wash his hair two days later. A small treatment can prevent probable swelling and some pain in the first night. The intervention is often a little bit painful and well tolerated.

The baldness
: preparing for the intervention

Do not cut your hair.
Be in good health.
Do not take aspirin, alcohol or other medicines before 8 days.

The baldness:

The result is appreciated at the 6th month. The implanted hair falls mostly in 10 to 12 days, at the same time as some small crusts. The safeguarded bulbs will give birth to healthy and hair of good quality from the 3rd month. The result is often natural and sustainable. We can precede with a second meeting, if necessary 3 to 6 months later.

The baldness
: complications – Echec

Bleeding and infection are rare.
Quasi-constant re-growth may sometimes be slower and lower quality. This occurs most frequently in patients in poor health.

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