Liposuction Tunisia


This technique is to reshape various regions of the body by sucking up fat masses that deform it and are resistant to normal methods of weight loss. It is particularly indicated on the greasy pile localized without skin falling.

Liposuction : Principle

A cannula is introduced by one or two puncture holes from 3 to 10 mm maximum (so without real scar) in the entire greasy area. connected up a very powerful suction system, it will aspire excess fat cells, they  can no longer regenerate, fats (lipids) will no longer be stored in these areas: thus, the result is definitive, there is no a "relapse" risk .
It is not a superficial cellulite treatment (orange skin effect) whose origin is unknown and which is independent from subjacent fat excess. / It is also not a method of weight loss (the weight loss is minimal, fat is very slight) but a technique of thinning and sculpture.

Liposuction can be done :

Liposuction in the face

In the case of double fat infiltrated chin. It is then "micro liposuction" made with very fine cannulas.

Liposuction at the abdomen

Liposuction At the lower limbs

on the outer thighs (it is the "riding breaches ": greasy mass very resistant to weight loss attempts).
on the thigh posterior and intern face when the greasy excess is clear.
at the knee through a “micro-liposuction”  
finally, in some special cases, at the calves, ankles, arms

Liposuction : anaesthesia

Local anaesthesia (painless) is possible for micro-liposuction (face, chin, knees) or in the case of small surplus. Leaving the same day is the norm. For most important liposuction, general anaesthesia is indicated, but it remains valid for people or those who "do not want to see anything, hear anything, feel anything." Hospitalization is 24 hours: A pre-operative check-up is practiced.

Liposuction : Operative follow-up

Follow-up is simple :
dressing is changed two or three days later, the patient will wear a sticker or varix duct or special girdle for a month
very few bearable pain are frequent the first 4 days
massage with or without lymphatic drainage are recommended

Liposuction : Result

It may not really be appreciated till the 3rd month (within 1 to 4 months) after the secondary residual greasy melt. It can improve throughout the first year. A pre and post-operative photo study allows you to appreciate the quality. Please maintain a healthy diet to optimize the result.   

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