The reconstructive or restorative surgery is to rebuild what nature, illness or trauma destroyed or deformed. Also known as "plastic surgery", it allows you to restore the morphology of the body if it has been reached.


This surgery can be an integral part of some treatments, such as cancer treatment and allows the patient to accept his care and the injuries which can cause.

Also in the field of reconstructive surgery, interventions aimed to correct a birth defect, especially if it is likely to cause hazards to human health or psychological harm. It is particularly the case of cleft lip corrections’ also known as cleft lip or removal of moles and nevus on the skin.

Plastic or reconstructive surgery interventions may also be considered further to an injury accident or serious burns: reconstructive surgery becomes surgery of hope.


Even if refund varies depending on the insurance, reconstructive surgery is generally supported by the various social security funds and mutual because it is not considered as a comfort surgery.

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