For your well-being, Saint Augustin clinic has “VIP”, “comfort” or “simple” rooms. All rooms are individual, equipped with shower-room or private bathroom, individual air-condition as well as a television which its remote control is given to you for 20 TD.
Please inform the clinic about your preferred room since your estimate’s request then we will do our best to satisfy your request at our earliest convenience. We will hardly try to satisfy your request depending on our availability.

It is possible to keep one from your close relatives near to you or to stay near to your child during his hospitalization, thus, a second bed will be placed in the room and invoiced in addition to the initial hospitalization’s charges. Those prices are available in the following website: check the “accompanying” prices.


Turning your meals into real privileged moments and making the taste and quality contribute in improving your stay are considered as a sacred commitment for Saint Augustin clinic.
Therefore, our catering staff includes only “healthy” catering specialists who work in close collaboration with the clinic’s nutrition and dietetics unit.

It is possible to choose your meal whatever your medical particular diet (salt-free, without dripping, diabetic, with modified texture). You can choose your preferred meal though card and for your liking taste.
Thus, we offer you the possibility to choose your preferred meal without neglecting the diet prescribed by your doctor.


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