Situated at the Mediterranean side, for only 2 hours flight from the principal European capitals, Tunisia is, nowadays, highly prized health destination.
With medical and hotel infrastructures of high quality, world-famous doctors, Tunisia could progressively stand out specially in the cosmetic surgery field by suggesting operations cheaper than in Europe with identical care and reception quality.


Tunisia proposes cosmetic operations much cheaper than in Europe and with the same care quality. In fact, infrastructures and doctors quality are unmistakable. Those prices are thanks to:
- A reasonable cost of living
- A workforce much cheaper than in Europe
- A real  profitable exchange rate seeing that 1 Euro is equivalent to 1.75 TD


Choosing Tunisia means also taking advantage of convalescence under a soft and life-giving sun at the Mediterranean side. Several luxurious hotels, as l’hôtel Renaissance, which has concluded a convention with Saint Augustin clinic, will receive you for relaxing and well-being days. Thus, you will take advantage of upmarket infrastructure offering swimming-pool, golf, fitness center… During the summer season, please plan long time for the hotel and plane reservations.


Tunisia is accessible to the European citizens without visa. If you had already reserved your hotel before the departure, you can travel to Tunisia with only your identity card, otherwise, you should provide your passport.

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