You want to turn your cosmetic surgery project into reality: first, go to the page "your personalized estimate". Please fill in each field on the form, then, after sending the estimate request, fill out the medical history form and enclose your pictures. Thus, our cosmetic surgeon will, thanks to all these data, guide you and advise you in choosing your treatment.


Since the reception of your estimate request and your medical history form, your file will be forwarded to the plastic surgeon, who according to your wishes and his diagnosis, will determine the most appropriate intervention for you. An estimate will be made on this basis, taking into account, if you wish, the stay at the hôtel Ranaissance with which the clinic has concluded a convention. In all cases, the payment of the hotel services is always done in the service provider rather than the clinic.


You have received our estimate and now you want to turn your project into reality. Please contact us, via mail or telephone, to fix together your surgical operation’s date. You can, then, quietly plan your stay.


The clinic provides your personal greeting at the airport as well as your transfer to the clinic.


Vous serez admis dans une chambre du service de chirurgie, bénéficiant de tout le confort requis (visit your stay at the clinic). If you had specified the type of your preferred room, we will try our best to satisfy your request depending on availabilities. On the same day, you will meet your surgeon during the pre-operative consultation and we require that you sign the document of the Mutual informed consent.


The settlement is done since the admission: IN CASH (only in local currency: Tunisian Dinar), through certified Tunisian cheque or bank transfer of the entire amount which will be reached us before the date of the operation (The clinic does not accept payment through VISA card because its use may pose upper limit problems at the time of payment).


After the surgical operation, your surgeon will confirm the length of your hospitalization, without neglecting the potential risks of complication or healing. Then, you will stay in the hotel of your choice for a period of convalescence which you will set through mutual agreement with the surgeon and under his responsibility. If you want to enjoy the clinic’s preferential rate with the Renaissance Hotel, the clinic can, therefore, look after your reservation in the hotel, but the hotel additional amount must be directly paid. See the see the explanatory leaflet of the hotel Renaissance.



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