Breasts decrease Tunisia


This surgery is indicated in women suffering from breast drop with or without excessive volume.

Breasts decrease : principle of the intervention

It is a common intervention, which has no risk to the mammary gland. It does not thwart subsequent breastfeeding and exceptionally decreases the aerial sensitive.

Breasts decrease : operation

Intervention is undergone in the clinic and usually no further than two hours under general anaesthesia. The chest is shaped thanks to a technique ensuring symmetrical and natural breasts.

Breasts decrease: check-up and pre-operative consultation

Before the operation, a photographic record ensures the adapt of position, shape and volume of breast to the patient’s morphology. A clinical examination   Examinations, conducted in the laboratory, verify the condition and the health of the mammary gland. To perform the operation, it is preferable to choose a period outside the rules, to refrain from taking any medicines during the fifteen days before the intervention.

Breasts decrease: operative follow-up

It is very simple. The hospitalization is no further than three days: there is no post-operative pain excepting, sometimes, dorsal stiffness in the first night.

Breasts decrease: results

Final form and volume of the breasts are obtained after two months. The residual scars, unavoidable, become in few months a little bit visible: they are still evolving during the 2 years after the operation. The scar around the nipple disappears rapidly; the vertical scar whitens. As for the horizontal scar, if it is necessary, it is hidden in the crease under the breast. Touching up is exceptional: it is only small cicatricial touching up and is sometimes required in a minimum of one year after surgery, especially in cases of large mammary hypertrophies.

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