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Lifting :

Lifting helps to restore a youthful appearance to the face. It corrects with a very natural result the fall of features by replacing muscles and skin. It has a double effect, as it also induces a regeneration of collagen in the patient in the months following the operation. Different types of lifting are achievable:
anterior lifting localized in cheeks and time.
frontal facelift (acts on the eyebrows’ fall and forehead’s wrinkles)
complete cervical-facial lifting (acts on the neck and facial contour, but not at the front)
in some cases, lifting neck very localized.

Lifting : check-up and pre-operative consultation

Before the operation, a photographic record is essential and a check-up is systematically practiced.

Smoking is a factor in bad scarring and skin necrosis.
Untreated hypertension causes bruising and long operative follow-up: it must be reported before the operation.

Lifting : results

Results are appreciated at the 3rd month. Previously scars can be little red and the face’s general appearance still swollen, that depends on the skin type and the importance of lifting. The scars are "hidden" in the hair or their limit and back the ear: it fades quickly because it does not undergo any traction. For some, scar may remain visible (bad ground, tobacco…); It can be mitigated by doing the appropriate treatments.
Lifting has no adverse effect on ulterior ageing: the result is often durable and interacts very well with the ageing genetic programming, the hygiene and the patient’s health.
Lifting can be done relatively soon: it is the current trend, which results better and more natural.

Important note : Lifting does not fully correct the grin when it is very visible and can not correct the deep breaks in the skin due in particular to too many sun exposure.

Lifting : complications

Bruises are the main complication due to the importance of the skin detachment in some cases. They are unpredictable and will have the effect of increasing the length of follow-up, without adversely affecting the long-term result.
You are "presentable" between 15 and 21 days after the operation. Depending on the case, a momentary decrease in the cheeks’ sensitivity may be felt for some time as well as an oedema and a "shackles" feeling


Frontal lifting : indication

Frontal lifting is done to mitigate or make the inter-superciliary wrinkles disappearing (lion wrinkles), to lift the eyebrow’s fall, to increase the height of the forehead.
This intervention considerably rejuvenates the upper part of the face. It is recommended for the young woman but also for women after 50 years old when the forehead wrinkles are marked.

Frontal lifting : principal

The incision is usually on the scalp away from the previous line of hair but in some cases it can be done at the edge of hair.

Frontal lifting : operation

Hospitalization time is a function of anaesthesia which can be local, or semi general or general, from a few hours to 24 hours of hospitalization.
The staples are located in the scalp: they are very thin to meet hair roots and will be removed at the 8th/10th day.

Frontal lifting : operative follow-up

Possible insensitivity of the scalp that can last up to 6 months; possible bruises at the lower eyelids, which often disappear within 10 to 15 days (they are not mandatory). Some temporary weakening of hair is possible, prevented by adequate treatment.

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