This surgery is indicated for those who psychologically, socially or professionally suffering from big, loosened or malformed ears.

Children should wait adolescence; nevertheless, there may be operative indication, even for young child (from age 9) when he is morally suffering at school or in the family, and thatís in order to avoid the appearance of later psychological problems.

Principal of the intervention

it is to reform ears by reshaping the missing folds. The incision, hidden behind the flag, can also decrease the size of the ear, and even the lobule if necessary.
It also ensures earsí resticking in a very natural way.


The operation lasts about 1 hour. It can be performed under general anaesthesia, however local anaesthesia, with some exceptions (exp. For young child), is preferable because it allows a painless operation. An enough "day" hospitalization: the patient can come back home at the same evening.

Operative follow-up

There is a need to keep a bandage during the first 12 hours and ears may be slightly painful during the first night (feeling beat).
A simple turban is kept (only at night) until the 15th day. The patient is presentable since the interventionís following day after removing the dressing.


This intervention permanently ensures earsí reform and possibly reduction. The appearance is often natural. However, we have to expect a mild tenderness for two or three months. Retouches are exceptional as well as scars of poor quality.

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