Rhinoplasty Tunisia


This surgery is indicated for everyone psychologically and socially suffering from the shape of his nose. It is to recreate a harmonious nose in its own proportions: tip, profile, width and compared with the forehead, the chin, the cheekbones, etc …

Rhinoplasty : principle of the intervention

It is to recreate a new osteocartilaginal skeleton respecting the skin and the mucous membrane, and then, to place the skin in a good position, thanks to the dressing. Thus, there are usually no visible scars which are located inside the nose. Except after accident, it is advisable to wait until the end of the post-pubertal period (from 16 years old) before you can benefit from this operation. There is no maximum limit age, but it should be known that more one gets older, more skin is slow to deflate.

Rhinoplasty : operation

You usually enter the night or on the same day. Anaesthesia may be local, I recommend for large nose a general anaesthesia.
The operation lasts an average of 90 minutes and the follow-up is not painful.
Coming out is usually in the following day.

Rhinoplasty : check-up and pre-operative consultation

Absolutely essential, it allows precise photographic study of your face. It is directed by surgeon and makes you gain a clear idea about the result.
A classic pre-operative check-up is performed, you do not need any preoperative medicine.

Rhinoplasty : operative follow-up

Until the 8th day a support plaster.
From the 8th day until the 11st day: a dressing. During this period, the face and especially the eyelids are swollen, you should not blow and aspirin is prohibited. The nose is perfectly presentable at the 15th day.

Photos before and after
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