Mammary implants Tunisia


It lasts one hour under general anaesthesia. Incision is usually located at the areola.
The prosthesis, whose volume and projection are established before the operation, is trapped between the gland and the major pectoralis, or in some cases (very thin skin and absence of gland) under the pectoralis major muscle.
The prostheses are now filled with physiological salt solution or silicone gel. There are several types: either inflatable, or pre-filled, and several forms: round or anatomical (to be seen during the consultation).

Mammary implants : check-up and pre-operative consultation

Before the operation, a check-up is practical
Clinical and radiological breast examination
Volume and desired projection
Biology: classic preoperative examination

Mammary implants : operative follow-up

Coming out 24 to 48 hours after the operation; during that time, the chest is painful but flexible. For 15 days, the chest is still sensitive and the arms’ extension movements are embarrassing.
We need 3 months to “forget the prosthesis” and to carry on a normal sporting activity, breast-feeding or pregnancy. The annual clinical and radiographic breasts’ surveillance is not disrupted. Air travel and underwater diving have no impact.

Mammary implants : results

Breasts are often soft and natural. Nipples’ sensitivity and erectility are kept.
One wear is possible over time, forcing an implant’s shift mostly after 10 years. The breast radiological monitoring is easy.
Sometimes it is possible to feel the implant underneath the gland, and in some positions, especially when the mammary gland and skin are very thin.

The only real complication (3% of cases), the "shell": its occurrence is totally unpredictable and requires a re-intervention for the release of the prosthesis from the thick fibrous envelope that surrounds it. Often, after release, it does not come back and the real instances of intolerance are rare. It seems that the average is even lower with prosthesis current textured membrane.

Photos before and after
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